Condo Act is . . .unfair! Says MPP Marchese

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May 4, 2012
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September 7, 2012

Do condominium owners need more protection when it comes to disputes with builders and property managers? Rosario Marchese (NDP), member of provincial parliament for Trinity-Spadina believes so:

“The fact of the matter is that the Condominium Act doesn’t have any consumer protection whatsoever,” he tells the CBC. “And so when people have a problem, they have to go to court to solve it. We think that’s incredibly unfair.”

Through a private member’s bill, Mr. Rosario is hoping to create a review board which would help condo owners settle their case outside of the courts. This process promises to be more efficient, much faster, and significantly cheaper than the options currently open to disgruntled buyers.

Mr. Rosario also wants all property managers to be licensed in order to take out the ‘guess work’ and ensure ‘quality’.

On Thursday, Mr. Rosario will present the new bill and is asking all Toronto condo owners to join the debate at Queen’s Park.

Do you think Mr. Rosario’s concerns are legitimate? Have you ever had lengthy dispute with builders? Please pipe in with your comments or questions.

source: CBC