Real Estate and NUDITY ?

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July 28, 2015
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October 21, 2015

Real Estate and NUDITY ?

Playboy this week announced they will no longer feature nude photos of women in their print magazine.


Think about that for a second.

A publication that essentially created and defined a category for 62 years is shedding its once defining feature. They aren’t shutting down. They are making a strategic decision to shift their focus to match the world in which they now operate.

Given that I’m in the real estate business, I can’t help but think about the parallels between nude photos and real estate listings.

In talking about Playboy’s shift, CEO Scott Flanders told the NY Times, “You’re now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free. And so it’s just passé at this juncture.”

In the “old days” real estate agents were the keepers of all info. If you wanted to find a house, you HAD to call a broker. Today, it’s safe to say that consumers are just one click away from every real estate listing imaginable for free. So how do we, as real estate brokers, move away from simply being an advertiser of homes, and DIFFERENTIATE OURSELVES?

Let’s go back to Playboy for a minute. What’s left when you take out the nude photos of women? Lucky for them, the publication has a lot of value for a lot of readers beyond the lusty centerfolds.

Young men would often say they read Playboy “for the articles”. In fact, Playboy execs said that after they got rid of nudity on their website last year, their web traffic jumped from 4 million unique visitors per month to 16 million!

I didn’t realize it, but we were actually following in Playboy’s footsteps.

From our seminars, to our radio show, and now Real Estate Intelligence TV Show, we’ve certainly stood out from the crowd, but we believe the real value is that we have always led with education, not sales. We have found that if we spend most of our energy spreading knowledge and inspiration, people will see the value for themselves, and ask to work with us. Rather than SAY you’re the best in the business, you have demonstrate, time and time again that you are, and let clients decide for themselves.

To me, Playboy’s big announcement this week was a great reminder that sometimes we have to let go of the past, even if the past created us.

Gone are the fridge magnets, and endless barrage of ” LOOK AT ME, I’M NUMBER ONE” flyers in my mailbox. They simply don’t work anymore.

Ironically, as we move into the future, what is working is good old fashioned service. Strive to be the best, serve in the best way possible, and always, always, be grateful for, and grateful TO your best clients.

So to all of our loyal friends and clients, again we say . . .


PS. If you have old copies of Playboy, put them away in the garage. They’ll be worth a lot of money one day. Great ROI!